Winterizing the Tiny House Build

With winter nipping at our heels, we made a final push over the last few weeks to get the tiny house waterproofed.

Because we knew that the snow would soon be falling in the wild, wonderful hills of West Virginia, we have been stressing about getting the tiny house under roof in time. Mother nature has been kind to us over the last few weeks and that assisted us in reaching our goals. Last Friday the temperature shot up to a warm 73 degrees, and according to the Weather Channel, we would see snow the next morning.

I called in all the troops, my brothers, father, and a family friend and we got to work. We were able to get the roof installed, the windows flashed and sealed, and most of the siding installed and stained. Things are looking great and we are very excited to begin working on the inside now that the weather has turned cold.

We had originally planned to use corrugated metal on a portion of the house. However, we made a last minute change and decided to use wood siding around the entire exterior of the house. This caused us to run out of siding this week and put us slightly behind on the build. Once the new shipment of siding arrives we will be able to put the finishing touches on the exterior. All in all it’s been a great 2 weeks in the tiny house building adventure.

Tiny House SheathingTiny House Metal Roofing