Our Tiny House Trailer Has Arrived: Trailer Made Review

In our last post, I explained what we were looking for in our tiny house trailer. I also indicated that we had decided to go with a Trailer Made custom trailer. Below I will give you my thoughts on this decision.

I contacted Trailer Made on September 14th to discuss our tiny house foundation needs. I spoke with Damon and he answered all my questions without hesitation. His knowledge of tiny house trailers was quite a relief. I had previously contacted several manufacturers before finding Trailer Made, and each one left me with more questions than answers. This was not the case with Damon and after a short discussion, I knew I would be purchasing a trailer from him.

Once Damon and I had discussed the details of my build and trailer needs, we agreed upon a very fair price for such a well-built trailer. I was then transferred to Natalie to finalize the deal and process a bank transfer. She was an absolute pleasure to speak with and the transaction went as smooth as butter.

Fast forward to September 19th, the trailer arrives!

In just 5 short days the trailer was sitting at our build site in West Virginia. I was overwhelmed with excitement; we had officially started our tiny house journey.

After carefully looking over the trailer, I knew I had made a good decision. This trailer is built rock solid and specifically engineered to be a foundation first and a trailer second.

One of the first things you will notice is the cross bracing. It is 16″ on center and correctly spaced for flooring installation. Combined with the pre-installed galvanized flashing, this will make insulation of the floor a breeze. Not to mention, a very solid foundation.

Trailer Made Cross Bracing



Secondly, you will see that Trailer Made has installed leveling jacks on all four corners of the trailer. This is an absolute must have for a tiny house on wheels.

Leveling Jacks


Structural sill plating has been installed to allow for maximum width and to ease the installation of the wall framing.

Sill Plating


One of my favorite features of this trailer is the non-radius fenders. I have read about many builders having issues when constructing the walls around curved fenders and wanted to avoid this if possible. The square fenders on this trailer will, without a doubt, provide the easiest means of wall construction.

Non-Radius Fenders


With its electronic brakes on every wheel, 7,000lb axles, breakaway system, and L.E.D. lighting, I am positive that this trailer will offer years of safe over the road travel for our tiny house, and most importantly, our family.

trailer wheelSafety Breakaway SystemTrailer Made Custom Trailers

After searching high and low for the perfect trailer, I believe I have found it. If you are in the market for a custom tiny house trailer, I would highly recommend contacting the guys and gals over at Trailer Made. From start to finish, I was absolutely impressed with their customer service as well as the quality of their product.