Amazing Tiny House Plans with a Modern Retro Feel

Like many of you, I spend much of my free time looking at tiny houses, as well as tiny house plans. During one of my recent searches, I stumbled upon what may be some of the best tiny house plans online. If you love a retro look with a modern twist, then you will love the plans from Pin-Up Tiny Houses.

Joshua Woodsman, the architect behind Pin-up Tiny Houses, says he developed the plans because of his “love (for) the simplicity and convenience of the cottage lifestyle. One can be close to nature while enjoying the comforts of home.”

Let’s take a look at a few of his amazing designs.

The first house that I fell in love with is Bessie, named after pin-up girl Bessie Love. Joshua states, “the main concept of this design is to create a single central air living space. It‘s separated both spatially and in color.”  We absolutely loved how he has incorporated a net to be used as the second-floor sleeping loft. While this may not be practical for everyone, the more adventurous among us would benefit from the openness it creates. The second feature of this home that really stands out is how the stairs, bathroom, and kitchen have all been separated from the main living area. The stairs case, in and of itself, is a stand-alone work of art.

Estimated DIY cost of $17,680

Bessie Tiny House Plan ExteriorBessie Tiny House Plan Interior
© Pin-Up Houses

The second tiny house plan that caught our eye was Barbara, named after the famous pin-up girl, Barbara Stanwyck. This 3 bedroom home was designed with family in mind. It’s half hip-roof design gives the home a classic, yet unique profile. The slanted inner walls add an artistic flair while maximizing the usage of the small space.

Estimated DIY cost of $29,300

Family Tiny House Plans Family Tiny House Plans 2

© Pin-Up Houses

Pin-Up Houses offers an array of house plans including tiny house plans, cottages, cabins, and even playhouses. If you are interested in seeing more of their plans visit them online @ Pin-Up Houses

Disclaimer: Tiny Home Tees is not affiliated with Pin-Up Houses and was not compensated for this post. We simply love the designs and asked Joshua Woodsman for permission to share his amazing work with our readers, and he was happy to do so.