Tiny House Framing

In my previous post had mentioned that we were having trouble with the tiny house plans we purchased, well let me just say this has been a much better week.

I ultimately decided to use the tiny house plans Ana White offers free on her website. While the plans didn’t meet many of our needs, they were a great place to start. After spending a few days reworking the plans in SketchUp, I was able to adapt the plans to work for our families needs and to fit our trailers dimensions.

Let the building begin…

5 days ago we had an empty trailer sitting at our build spot. Today we have a tiny house….almost. Our framing has progressed at a much faster pace than I had anticipated. With the help of my Dad, brothers, and a few friends, we are finally beginning to see our home take shape. All the walls are framed, the loft is built, and we have started to sheath the roof. It is all very exciting!

However, all is not roses and chocolates. When we began to sheath the roof we noticed that something had shifted, we were out of square. We double and tripled check our walls and thankfully we were all good there. We went rafter by rafter checking to see if someone had measured wrong, missed their mark, or some other unanticipated catastrophe had taken place.

In the end we found that our ridgepole, that runs the entire length of the house, had a major bow in it. Somehow, we had all managed to overlook this imperfection. We then proceeded to spend the next 2 of our build days bending, twisting, and reconstructing the roof. This really took the wind out of my sails!

My Dad has reassured me that it is not as bad as it seems and that it will not end up costing me more money. “Just a little extra work, nothing we can’t handle.” I only wish he had been there on the day we started the roof, as he is the only one that actually has building expierence.

All in all, it was a great week and we see our tiny house dreams becoming closer to reality!