And So It Begins: Our Tiny House Build is Underway

It’s official! Our family will be purchasing our tiny house trailer this week to begin our build. We are excited, nervous, and at times feeling a little overwhelmed with all the new skills we will need to learn. But first things first, we need to find the perfect foundation (trailer) for our new house.

When looking for trailers for our tiny house there were a few factors that we needed to take into consideration:

  1. Cost

    We have a set budget for this build, which we will discuss in the near future, so cost is a major factor in our decision. We have searched Craigslist, Ebay, local papers, and many THOW (Tiny House on Wheels) websites in our quest for an affordable trailer. While many of the used trailers we found on these sites have potential, they also need a substantial amount of work to be suitable for a THOW.

    Most of the used trailers we found would need either to be restored, extensive modifications, or both. This can quickly turn a $3500 trailer into a $6000+, time-consuming project. After much research, we decided that we must invest our money into a new trailer. However, this may mean that we will need to cut costs elsewhere in our build.

  2. Functionality

    There are so many choices when looking for a tiny house trailer. There are goosenecks, deck-between, deck-over, cargo, auto haulers, and more and more and more… you get the point. Each trailer has its own obstacles as well as benefits. For example, a gooseneck would work great for someone wanting a first-floor bedroom. However, due to height restrictions , this type of trailer may not be as suitable for someone wanting lofted bedrooms.

    Trailers are built with a specific use in mind, most often they are not designed to be a foundation for a home. It is important that the trailer is designed to withstand the weight of your tiny house. An under-rated trailer is not only unlawful but it is a serious safety issue!

    Fortunately, we have another option. Because of the recent popularity of tiny houses, we can now buy trailers designed for the sole purpose of being a foundation for our home. These custom trailers streamline the build process and safely address weight distribution. By offering a lower deck height, heavy-duty axles, proper fenders, and a steel flange for attaching your walls, custom trailers will save you a lot of time and headaches.

  3. Size

    Size was an important factor for us. We wanted something that we felt would be livable, that’s the point after all, but also something we could move relatively easy several times a year. 16, 24, 28, 32??? So many choices!


After weighing all our options we ultimately decided on a 24-foot trailer from Trailer Made. They offer custom tiny house trailers at a price that was comparable to our estimates of restoring/modifying a used trailer. Most importantly, they are fitted with everything we need to get our build started out on the right foot. I’m sure there will be many frustrations to overcome in the future, but at least the trailer won’t be one of them.

What factors did you use when purchasing a trailer for your tiny house? Let us know in the comments below.