5 Reasons for Living Tiny

“Why on earth would you want to live in a tiny house?” As you probably know, this is one of the most common questions that you get when planning your move into a tiny house. Today I wanted to outline my families top 5 reasons for going tiny.

  1. Mortgage-Free Living

    One of our primary reasons for going tiny is to live a mortgage-free lifestyle. Over the last ten years, we have lived what some deem the “American Dream.”  We lived in a 2000+ sq ft home, drove newer cars, and worked our asses off to pay for it all. Often putting in 50-60hrs a week just to make it by.

    My wife and I soon realized that we were giving up valuable time with our young son just to pay for material possessions that would have little to no value in the grand scheme of things. Life is a journey and the memories we value most are made outside the office with our friends and family.  We began to think about a life free of mortgage, without the long office hours, and one filled with more travel and time spent with our family.

  2. Environmental Footprint

    Building a tiny house can have a positive effect on our environment. As global warming becomes a serious concern, it important that we each do our best to conserve our natural resources and limit waste. By going tiny, we not only use fewer materials but in many cases we can build a large portion of our homes with free, salvaged, or recycled materials. By using these methods we are able to keep materials out of the waste stream and further clogging up our landfills.

  3. Tiny House Mobility

    My wife and I have always somewhat disagreed about the state in which we should live. I grew up in the rural parts of West Virginia, while she was raised in the suburbs of California. We came from completely different worlds, so our ideas of “home” are quite different. Throughout our relationship, we have repeatedly moved from one coast to the other trying to find that sweet spot in which we both can be happy.

    Our tiny house will present us with the unique opportunity of being mobile. No more exhausting cross-country moves, instead we can hook up our house and go on an adventure. We can now fulfill our dreams of living as snowbirds without the additional costs usually associated with such a lifestyle.

  4. Long Term Affordability

    Not only can you live mortgage-free in a tiny house, but your overall expenses can be greatly reduced. Heating and cooling a small space is much more affordable than the large homes we are used too. And in addition, tiny houses are often much more energy-efficient. This allows us to save on utility costs and at the same time be environmentally conscious.

    Furthermore, if you build your tiny home yourself, it will also allow you to save money when it comes time to repair or upgrade the home. Because of your newly acquired skills, you will be your own go-to handyman.

  5. A Sense of Accomplishment

    For our family, building our own tiny house is a must! Being able to spend time together working on our future home is an exciting idea. It’s a perfect opportunity to teach my teenage son a lesson in teamwork and to experience the feeling of having accomplished something huge. As our plans get closer to completion, my excitement grows by the day.


Tiny living can come in many forms and each of us will have our own set of reasons for making the change. No matter the reason(s), the tiny house movement seems to create a bond among those that chose the lifestyle. We have already met so many great people through our tiny house adventure, and we are just getting started. We would love to hear your reasons for going tiny. Please feel free to use the comment section below to tell your own tale of living small.

Best Regards,
Eric Roark